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a documentary about Sekine

This doc has been on my radar since a friend of my in-laws saw my Sekine, and said “You know those were made in Manitoba, don’t you?”  And no, I didn’t.  That was two years ago.  Since that time, I’ve been researching what brought Sekine, a Japanese company, to Canada to manufacture and assemble bicycles.  This process has led me to an abandoned Air Force Base near Rivers, Manitoba, Canada, and a massive hangar that used to be the home of Sekine Canada.  This site will include updates on the documentary production process, as well as a compilation of interesting facts, photos and documents related to Sekine’s time here on the Canadian Prairies.


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  1. I’m very interested in your research. I rode a Sekine to San Francisco many years ago. They were distributed by Acklands for a time where my Dad worked. I find the story of company fascinating and would loved to have seen the plant running with its curious mix of First nations workers, Japanese foremen and Ottawa bureaucrats. Hope you post more.


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