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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Ernie Kematch – Sekine Employee

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Ernie Kematch lives in Winnipeg’s West End, is a sought-after Gospel Music singer, and was an employee at Sekine Canada.  He worked on the assembly line for two years and remembers the feeling of accomplishment each time a completed bike came off the line.  When I interviewed him last week, he said that the feeling comes back when he sees a Sekine on the road in Winnipeg today.


David Geisel – Natural Cycle

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David Giesel - Natural CycleSpent Sunday afternoon with David Geisel at Natural Cycle.  We talked about everything from bike fit to bike manufacturing.  Natural Cycle is a great local shop in downtown Winnipeg, and the mechanics there have a great vantage point from which to observe bike culture in Winnipeg.  There are still a lot of Sekine’s on the road in this city, and a lot of people bring them in to Natural Cycle for tune-ups and, in my case, wheel upgrades.